Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My college football playoff scenario!

College football has such a great regular season but is so anti climatic that it desperately needs a playoff. This is my playoff system that I think is realistic and would appease the Bowls, Universities and the fans.

Take the 4 BCS Bowl Games and add the next biggest bowl to make 5 Bowls. (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and Capital One(?)) Take the top 6 BCS ranked teams and reward #1 and #2 by giving them a bye. Sometime around Christmas team #3 will play team #6 in the Sugar Bowl and on the same day right after team #4 will play team #5 in the Capital One Bowl. On New Year’s Day team #1 will play the lesser ranked of the remaining teams in the Orange Bowl and on the same day right after, team #2 will play the remaining team in the Rose Bowl. Then the National Championship game will be played on its current Monday night the week after new Years in the Fiesta Bowl.

Each bowl will host the National Championship game every 5 years and rotate the other years and we will still have the tradition of New Years Bowl games. By playing two bowl games in one day you will create a huge day of playoff college football just like the NFL when they have the Championship games on the same day. People are more likely to make a day of watching both games.

Just think how awesome this would have been in 2008 when these were the final 6 teams:
1. Oklahoma 2. Florida 3. Texas 4. Alabama 5. USC 6. Utah

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